IAGE ENGINEERING Programmatic Solution Overview, Cases from A to Z

Look at the picture below. Our guys have spent some time preparing and drawing it.

And it is most exact diagram of our solution and  can be deployed in different configurations for implementation of  different business cases.

I think looking at icons with arrows could be boring, so just trust me, We could cover almost any case on digital marketing with that solution.

To get close understanding of our solution lets describe few real scenarios.  Will name them from A to Z.

Case A. Media buying tool for a digital agency

What is your media buying KPI?


One or more sales person close coupled to big advertising budgets.

One or more Ad operations manager, understanding the principles of digital campaign creation and reporting.

Live contracts to adexchanges or ssps, (we could recommend few ones)

and of course one IAge Engineering Solution deployed on our / your servers.

Where is profit?

  • You can add price margin
  • You can add tech cost for CPM
  • You can add both


  • You ll get the full control over the buying process
  • You ll minimize your tech cost
  • You are free in choosing any traffic source such as a ssp, adnetwork or an exchange
  • You can perform your own adserving, collect data, create your own audiences and as result target users more precisely.
  • You could combine RTB and Direct buying and choose most efficient traffic.


We have made that case more than once.


Case B. AdExchange

Ma, I want be an ad traffic reseller

Most popular business scenario at the moment.

Commonly speaking it works as a wholesale dealer distributing the traffic from few traffic sources to many small buyers.

Traffic can be filtered routed and managed different ways while processing.


A number of SSPs ready to start selling to you
An operation team to handle the traffic, detect fraud, offer different monetization ways
and again you ll need our advertising solution

Where is profit?

  • You can add margin to every sale inside the system and just resell traffic.
  • You can resell traffic that you cannot sell by other ways, for example, trough an adnetwork
  • Can increase efficiency of the traffic. Analyzing data you can resell only efficient traffic and do not resell a fraud and low quality traffic.



Case C. Advertising Arbitrage


The idea is to buy traffic for one model  and resell it for an another model for example CPM -> CPA or CPM->CPI.
It is risky however could lead to impressive profit.
There a good place to use AI and Machine Learning.



Guys with market knowledge, ready to test different scenarios and offer different models to traffic monetization.

Tools to analyze the traffic and filter it.

Semiautomated scenarios and tools to start/ stop campaigns and manage their parameters.

Sources with good traffic.

Own conversion CPC/CPA tracker to get fast response back.

Antifraud tools.


Where is profit ?

CPM cost is cheaper than  CPA campaign.
Data about good users can be collected and converted again or retargeted to another products.
Successful models can be reused among another verticals.





D..Z to be continued, Any feedback is appreciated.