We have a vast experience of completing 50+ web services and systems, which are now helping our clients to develop their businesses and achieve desired goals. Our highly skilled analysts, project managers and developers make us one of the lead players on the market of ad tech system development.


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Our Services


We can build from scratch  almost every system for advertising & marketing. DSP, DMP, RTB Bidders, SSPs, AdExchanges, Header bidding solutions, AdServers, VAST& VPAID players & containers, create complex reporting systems, affilate systems, affiliate trackers. We use modern technology stacks and produce high performing and highload solutions.


When we are not playing with adtech code we can build great services for you. We can built as frontend as backend solutions, support most of modern technology stacks, use modern software developing methodologies.


We can perform complex advertising on your site. Integrate and customize affiliate systems such as HasOffers. Integrate header bidding. Setup Google Adwords, Google DFP, affiliate campaigns.


Ask us about any modern problems of advertising market and we will bring you a solution.

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IAGE ENGINEERING has been devoted to listening and understanding our needs, their ability to understand the needs of client is no doubt the top class.

They move very fast, precisely, and had been willing to share their professional experience to propose what is the best for clients.

Tsai Minchang DMM.com

Appodeal Inc. has been in cooperation with iAge Engineering LLC for more than one year.

During this time iAge Engineering proved itself to be a reliable partner which operates professionally and quickly with all client’s requests.

Appodeal Inc. recommends iAge Engineering company as the responsible specialist in the Adtech software development, especially in the programmatic advertising area.

We expect to expand the cooperation with iAge Engineering team and develop new products and services in the near future with them.


Pavel Golubev CEO at Appodeal Inc.